Copy trading

Also known as mirroring, this is the easiest form of trading. Very like the ProfitSharing on Zignaly. But the difference is that your money is not allocated, which means your crypto in your account is still being used by other services and could mean you miss some trades if you don't have enough 'free' crypto on a certain moment. That's why you could think about the ProfitSharing service instead of the Copy Trading service, but that's for you to decide what you like best of course. That said, it's as easy is this: we trade something (buy or sell) and you do the exact same thing whenever we do it, if possible in your account of course. No settings that you have to worry about, just copy us and relax for a moment. Payment is done by a monthly subscription. Easy trading if you don't want to worry about setting up signals or easy to start with.

On what platforms is signal trading available?
- Zignaly

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