Profit sharing trading

Profit sharing means something like "sharing is caring". There is no actual fee to enter this kind of trading, but if you start making profits we just take a small percentage of the profit amount you make. Fair sharing and of course we leave you alone if you make a loss, which of course we really don't aim for but it happens to the best of us ;).
Profit Sharing is just for signal trading as well, as we do on Anny Trade, where you just use our signals. But on Zignaly for instance, Profit Sharing works a bit different. You allocate your crypto to us (you choose the amount yourself of course), which means your assets are then locked and we trade in real life with your coins. Much like an investment or savings account. That means that we make money for you with your money and if you need your money back you can only disconnect progressively, which means that if we close the last trade that you were invested in, it will disconnect you after that. Before that the allocated assets are still locked. Sounds difficult? Not at all, because with the Zignaly profit sharing we trade for you and you don't need to worry about settings at all.

On what platforms is signal trading available?
- Anny Trade
- Zignaly

Read more about each platform on our Bots And Platforms menu on the top of our pages.

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