Telegram integration

ProfitTradingApp (PTA) is a bit different. You join our special PTA telegram group and per signal it gives you a button (spot / futures and a lot of exchange choices) and you decide if you want to trade the signal or not.

You are fully in control

Your are in control. Click the button and it opens the PTA app, where all parameters are filled in automatically. You can change or just process the signal! Easy and semi automatic.

2 subscriptions

Please note you need 2 subscriptions. One for ProfitTradingApp and one for our gaining access to our special Telegram PTA channel. But it's both just a one off pay for LIFETIME access and you literally profit from it for a long long time.

Find the correct PTA app

For every exchange there is a separate app that you use to process the Telegram signals from us. So example for Binance, you need the Binance ProfitTradingApp. Find yours on the app store.

10% discount!

To get this discount, you can email this coupon on the right to the ProfitTradingApp team by email:
You know, right click it and hit save or copy it in your email. They'll know who sent you. Or hit the below buttons for discounts for any of their apps. They have a seperate app for each big exchange but we have discounts for:

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