What service types are there and what to choose?

We have a few flavors of service types, but first let us explain what service types are. A service type is a type of trading you can do with our signals. If you to just get the signal and you decide what that signal must do (for example, you decide to buy X amount, with 3 different targets set on 1.5%, 5% and 15%, a stop loss of -10% and some DCA action going on), you can with our Signal Provider pages. But there is also Profit Sharing and Copy Trading, where profit sharing means we only take a small fee when you make profits, not losses and there is no bigger monthly / yearly subscription. Fair pay for both you and us in hard and easy market conditions. And copy trading is really simple concept, where you just copy 100% of our moves. There is no control for you, but on the other hand, it makes it very relaxing to trade like this as we do all the heavy lifting (and a bit of thinking) for you!

You see what we mean?
There's a service type for anyone out there, but please read into more info on our service types here below, because it could depend on the platform what service type is possible there at all.
Find out here:
- Profit sharing trading
- Signal trading
- Copy trading

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