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Just want notifications on when to buy and sell?
Simple messages are sent in our Telegram group with "buy this" and "sell when..". And with those signals you can decide where you like to input the signal (on what exchange) and do it manually.

The messages include things like buyzone (buy between X and Y price), targets and stop loss, which helps you step in at the right moment and with the right strategy. It's also powered by Cornix, which means that if you have a subscription there it can also trade with this platform automatically and gives updates in the channel when it hits all kinds of targets and how a signal is performing.

Join our group here! Choose the bigger plans for a free trial period and decide afterwards if you like us enough or not ;) Our bot will help you choose, after payment you automatically gain access to our channel.

Maybe you already read about it, but you can also join our special ProfitTradingApp Telegram channel with semi automatic features to trade. Interested? Click here to read more about it.

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