Passive trading
in crypto

Don't want to worry all the time about when the next opportunity is? Do you want to trade automatically and make profits while you spend your time elsewhere? That's what Megabot offers you. Passive income, done automatically for you by pro quality signals.
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How does it work?

Actually, we do all the heavy work for you. You just set it up on one of the platforms and the signals or service trade for you, even when you sleep, work or when you're having dinner with your family. In short this is done by scripting a bot and the platform where you can sign up to uses the bot to buy and/or sell crypto for you, all automatically by a complex set of algorithms on all big exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, Huobi, Ascendex, Bitmex and many more. And some even work only with the platform wallet, Sounds fancy, but what it does: it gives you the platform a signal to buy or sell at the exact right moment. And we will help you set it up of course and explain all options that you can choose.

We work with all the bigger platforms and are onboarding on more platforms as we go and creating more services that suit your needs.


Watch your money grow!

Bots and platforms

A bot (a robotic software) will do the work for you. You can access the Megabot bot through multiple (social trading) platforms.
Examples are Mizar, Zignaly, Anny Trade, ProfitTradingApp, 3Commas or Cryptohopper, but we are on more platforms.

On this platform you will set up the preferences of the bot and how aggresive or risky the bot shall act on your behalf. Some platforms have tons of options, where others keep it more simple. But on every platform we have the same services and the same quality of signals can be used. We explain the differences on our Bots And Platforms page, so go ahead if you still can't figure out what platform is best for you.


Results vary from Megabot service to Megabot service, but overall the bots normally have a 90 - 98 % success rate. Depending on the settings or type of service this can be set riskier and might have lesser success rates but could give you higher profitability. You can look on each platform on our pages to look into opened positions and possible outcome for you.


This service works great. It helped me to trade even when I sleep, and that's my kind of trading. The profits helped to pay for a recent vacation and the I pay no monthly subscription or anything, great.


Profit sharing user

The support is great on Megabot. They helped me get to more understanding of crypto and gives me good results. I trade on a platform which gives me a lot of control on how the signal is carried out, so I can control how risky I want it to get. 


Signal user

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