Signal trading

With signal trading you get a signal whenever you need to buy and if you like, there are also selling signals. You then decide what that signal must do (for example, you decide to buy X amount, with 3 different targets set on 1.5%, 5% and 15%, a stop loss of -10% and some DCA action going on), you can with our Signal Provider pages. This means you can decide what to do with that signal and be riskier or more laid back with it. If you want you can also accept sell signals with some of the platforms and use our preset parameters on targets, stop loss and other settings, which are included in the signals we send to the corresponding platform.

On what platforms is signal trading available?
- Anny Trade
- Zignaly
- ProfitTradingApp
- Telegram channels
- 3commas
- Cryptohopper

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